Home Renovation: 3 Benefits of Hiring a Removal and Storage Contractor

Home renovations can help to transform your property, bringing it into the 21st century and increasing its market value. However, if you are having a wall between two rooms knocked through to create an open plan space, or if you are planning to have a new floor laid down, you will need to remove all of your furniture and belongings before work can begin. If you do not do this, the workmen may not have the room they need to carry out the work or your furniture may be damaged during the renovation. Below is a guide to why you should hire a removals and storage contractor.

You and your furniture will not be injured or damaged during removal

If you attempt to remove heavy furniture yourself, it is quite possible that you will catch it on the doorframe and walls when trying to carry it out of the house. If this occurs, it could result in dents and scratches as well as damage to the wallpaper or wooden doorframe. Also, if the furniture you are planning to move is very heavy, you may injure your back if you try to lift it using the incorrect technique. A professional moving company will send contractors to your home who are trained to lift and move your furniture without causing damage to the object itself, your home or injury to themselves.

You don't have to worry about transporting your furniture

Furniture can be very big and bulky. Most large pieces of furniture would be difficult to transport using a car or other small vehicle. A professional removal company will use large trucks that have loading lifts on the back, meaning they can easily load and transport your belongings.

Your furniture will be safely stored

Another benefit of using a removals team is that they can safely store your furniture while renovation work is being completed on your home. This is particularly important if the renovation work will take an extended period of time. While you could store furniture in a garage, doing so would place it at risk of damage by pests such as termites and the effect of moisture which could lead to mould and mildew developing on any soft furnishings or fabrics. A storage facility can offer you climate controlled units which means you can enjoy total peace of mind, knowing that your furniture is being stored in optimum conditions.