Don't Overlook These Features When Choosing a Business Storage Facility

Your business may benefit from some offsite storage, whether that's for records, overstock of retail inventory or new inventory not yet ready for store shelves, for rarely-used equipment, or for a host of other items that may simply get in the way at your office or storefront. Offsite storage can be more economical than the cost of renting a larger office or warehouse space, and a self-storage facility can even offer more security than you have at your own location. When you are ready to choose a storage facility, consider some features you don't want to overlook so you know you get the right space for your needs.

Humidity controls

Even if you're storing your items in rubber or plastic bins, humidity can still get trapped inside those bins and cause papers to yellow and mildew, discolour fabric of clothing and furniture inventory, and cause damage to delicate machinery and equipment. Metal tools and other pieces can also easily rust and corrode.

Humidity can also trap heat inside your storage unit and this heat can also damage paperwork, foodstuffs, medicinal supplies, and the like. A storage unit with a dehumidifier attached can be the best choice for any business, to ensure your items are always properly protected.


Onsite shredding can be a great choice for anyone storing records and other paperwork. As you periodically go through those papers, you can have them destroyed onsite and not worry about transporting them back to your office or another facility, or paying an extra cost for that shredding. This reduces the risk of papers and records being misplaced while in transit, saving you from any potential liability for not keeping that information secure. Being able to have items shredded onsite can also make it easier for you to consistently clean out the storage unit, keeping it organized and secure.


Having wireless internet service at your storage unit can be very convenient and more necessary than you may realize; you can easily check emails while onsite, if you need to confirm which files you're retrieving or which can be shredded. You can also update your electronic inventory while at the storage unit, without having to manually transfer data to your computer system once you return to your storefront or other location. If you're at the storage unit to make a photocopy of a document or take pictures of certain items in storage, you can then conveniently send them via email right from the storage facility.